The right card for a hassle free card experience.

Launch a product that gives your stakeholders full control over their card experience digitally and without any hassles.

Block & unblock your card with a tap or a couple lines of code

Give your cardholders peace of mind over their finances from anywhere, anytime. Enable instant block and unblock functionalities for your cards with ease.

Manage cards' PIN with ease

Securely manage your card's PIN on the go with no human intervention. Consult, change or reset your PIN with just a few taps or lines of code.

Review transaction details in real time

Enable cardholders to stay on top of their finances with up-to-date information, while gaining valuable insights into spending habits to better understand your stakeholders.

A range of cards made to fit your stakeholders needs


Give your stakeholders the flexibility of credit cards and choose from a range of options that fit their transactional profile.

  • Mastercard Executive Business

  • Up to 1M monthly volume.

  • Up to 125k daily volume.

    6 benefit programs on a business card to make your daily life and business trips easier.

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  • Mastercard Corporate Black

  • Up to 5M monthly volume.

  • Up to 500k daily volume.

    A corporate card with the best exclusive benefits such as access to VIP lounges and Internet hotspots.

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  • Mastercard Credit Gold

  • Up to 4k monthly volume.

  • Up to 2.5k daily volume.

    A card with international assistance, purchase protection, and extended warranty.

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  • Mastercard Credit Platinum

  • Up to 10k monthly volume.

  • Up to 5.5k daily volume.

    7 assistance and protection programs for exceptional purchases and trips.

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  • Mastercard Credit Black

  • Up to 100k monthly volume.

  • Up to 60k daily volume.

    The card that provides unique and exclusive benefits.

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Enable your cardholders with convenience and full control over their finances with prepaid cards.

  • Mastercard Prepaid Business

  • Up to 10k monthly volume.

  • Up to 4k daily volume.

  • Mastercard Prepaid

  • Up to 10k monthly volume.

  • Up to 3k daily volume.

  • Mastercard Prepaid Single-use

  • Up to 5k monthly volume.

  • Up to 1.5k daily volume.


Allow stakeholders to access their money from any place and control their spending digitally.

  • Mastercard Debit Platinum

  • 5k monthly volume.

  • 2.5k daily volume.

    5 protection programs for purchases

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