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Gig Work Platforms
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Innovative Marketplaces
Empower sellers with instant access to their money
Issue asset backed black cards with no coding
Launch card issuing programs in record time
Onboard clients digitally and issue profitable cards effortlessly
Increase customer retention with convenient card payments
Fund USD backed cards from crypto accounts
Offer freelancers a convenient card to control their finances
Empower sellers with instant access to their money

Build your card product in 5 simple steps

Choose the right solution for your business

Bespoke is ideal for clients with tech teams, while Express is perfect for non technical clients.

Define the type of user

Create users with specific characteristics for either businesses or individuals.

Explore applicable KYC flows

Choose between PayCaddy's integrated KYC flow or, for applicable companies, a delegated flow lets you control the process and just share the required information.

Choose the right wallet for your funding flow

Link your cards to one of two wallet types: a credit wallet to manage credit lines or a prepaid wallet for prefunded operations.

Select the ideal card profile for your cardholders

Choose between credit, debit or prepaid in any presentation. We have the right option for your stakeholders' needs.

Launch your own USD backed Mastercard product in weeks