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PayCaddy provides the APIs you need to integrate personalized financial services for your customers and business. We work alongside best in class companies to serve your scalable needs.

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With PayCaddy you can deploy an app to manage digital wallets in weeks, issue your personalized cards, launch lending services, or personalize your payments to employees and providers and how you wish to get paid by your customers.

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  “Email”: “string”,

  “FirstName”: “string”,

  “LastName”: “string”,

  “Address”: {

    “AddressLine1”: “string”,

    “AddressLine2”: “string”,

    “City”: “string”,

    “Region”: “string”,

    “PostalCode”: “string”,

    “Country”: “NotSpecified”


  “Birthday”: 0,

  “Nationality”: “NotSpecified”,

  “CountryOfResidence”: “NotSpecified”,

  “Occupation”: “string”,

  “IncomeRange”: 0,

  “Tag”: “string”


Create digital accounts for your business and wallets for your users.
Onboard both companies and end users to serve them better.

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Use our API to create new revenue streams for your business.

Process payments for your customers and earn interchange with a personalized card.

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